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Whakauru Tamaiti – Enrolment Process

Thank you for considering Te Kura o Waitahanui as an educational option for your tamaiti. Please be very clear that we are a Kura ā Iwi o Ngāti Tutemohuta but are inclusive of any whānau who are committed to our Kaupapa. It is also imperative to note that we operate at a Level 1 Immersion where Te Reo Māori is spoken 80 – 100% of the time. Beginning speakers of Te Reo Māori are welcome but whānau must be committed to helping these tamariki to accelerate their ability to communicate confidently and freely in Te Reo Māori.

Te Kura o Waitahanui is a special character institution, that has made a commitment to its foundations of whakapapa and connectedness to its mana whenua, mana moana, mana tangata, mana tipuna, therefore the school embraces an enrolment process that is specific to the needs of Pākira and his descendants.

As our elders recognise that our language, marae and culture is under threat of disappearing or at the very least of becoming a watered-down version, it is important that we recognise this and make a commitment to effect transformational change and an emancipatory approach to education that is founded on Tino Rangatiratanga and delivered through a Kaupapa Māori paradigm.

To enrol at Te Kura o Waitahanui you must align to the following:

3 kawa o te Kura. In doing so you have already made a commitment to uphold the matauranga of our ancestors Pākira, Tutemohuta and Tuwharetoa.

The kawa for enrolment are as follows:

  1. Tutemohuta te Ao
    (You are and will continue a lifelong commitment to supporting a world developed around what it is to be Ngati Tutemohuta)
  2. Pono ki te reo me ōna tikanga
    (You are and will continue a lifelong commitment to Te Reo Māori as a first language and the customs and traditions)
  3. He uri o Pākira
    (You whakapapa to the land and people. You are a descendant of Pākira)

Tikanga to the enrolment process :

Step 1: Enrolment Form completed online – click here for interest to enrol

Step 2: Received by Admin.

Step 3: Enrolment passed to Ohu Uiui

Step 4: Ohu group meet – pre-checklist

Step 5: Hui with whānau commitment/marae affiliation etc, level of language

Step 6: Ohu group meet to confirm enrolment process.

Step 7: Whānau notified if school is right for them or not through letter. Successful mokopuna partake in whakatau at marae/kura: Whānau sign Kawenata of commitment

Step 8: Mokopuna begin Kura

Forms to complete

1. Standard enrolment form
2. Electronic form
3. Blanket consent
4. Cyber safety policy
5. Uniform order
6. Stationery list order
7. Whānau booklet
8. Kawenata commitment agreement

Enrolments will take place every 6 weeks, from forms received to acceptance and whakatau. Te Kura o Waitahanui will recongise whānau success and mokopuna will be placed in their classes according to language abilities.

Te Kura o Waitahanui is committed to ‘raise generations of Pākira descent who are confident, competent and capable so that they may find their place on the marae and their place in the world.”

“Tu Pakira ki tōku Ao”